Frederika Adam

Born in New York in 1970, Frederika Adam lives and works in London and the Bay Area.

Adam’s work captures light, form, color and texture abstracted to reveal something exceptional in the everyday environment. The exhibition prints are large scale digital archival pigment prints on handmade paper. Limited edition work is produced by Worton Hall Studios, Isleworth, London and the SUN PICTURES prints have been produced by The Lightroom, Berkeley, CA.

She received her BA and BFA from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor and conducted her graduate work in art history at the University of St Andrews and in modern history at Linacre College, Oxford.

Adam is an enthusiastic real tennis player and was the curator of Court Tennis Contemporary a group exhibition at the Newport Art Museum along with organising  Tennis: Past & Present: the Second International Conference on the History of Tennis during the 2016 men’s World Championship (17-21 May, 2016).  She is a co-creator of (2010) and established The Real Tennis Society in 2012 following the first International Conference on the History of Tennis held at The Queen’s Club, London.


“Sun Pictures”, Albany Taproom, Albany CA (Summer, 2017)

“Court Tennis Contemporary”, Artist and Curator, Newport Art Museum, Newport, RI, USA (2016)

Grenada Contemporary 2015, Susan Mains Gallery, Spiceland Mall, Grenada, West Indies (December, 2015)

Group Show, Chelsea Arts Club, London (2015)

Curator, “Painted Horizons” recent graduates RCA Painting, Maggs Bros Ltd, London (2014)

“First Gallery” Photographs and Screen Prints, Maggs Bros Ltd, London (December, 2013)

Manchester Racquet Club (2011)

Radley College Tennis Club (2010)

Oxford University Tennis Club (2010)

Prested Hall, Essex (2010)

Royal Tennis Court, Hampton Court Palace (2010)

Middlesex University Tennis Court, Hendon (2009)


Published Photographs

Jennifer Segal (ed.), Red, White and Blues: A history of the Oxford and Cambridge Blind Tasting Match, 1953-2013 (2013)

Book Cover, Kathryn Mc Nicoll, The First and Foremost: A Gallery of Champions (2010)

Book Cover, Ancient Greek Philosophy (in Greek), Portrait of Michael Frede at Mieza (2004)