Screen Prints

Limited Edition Screen & Digital Prints

in support of the Real Tennis Society: “Gold Racquet” and “Silver Racquet” (2013) were created by Frederika Adam in support of the Real Tennis Society.

An edition of 100 + 10 Artist’s Proofs for both the Gold and Silver were produced at Coriander Studio, Perivale, London. Prints are available individually or as a pair.  

Grenada Dazzle (2015)

Grenada Dazzle is a digital print originally produced for Grenada Contemporary 2015, Susan Mains Gallery, Grenada, West Indies.  This Dazzle-style Camouflage print was designed as a ready pattern for a bandana to be worn in Grenada in lieu of military camouflage which continues to be illegal to wear in Grenada along with many other Caribbean countries.  The shapes used to make the pattern are the three principle islands: Grenada, Carriacou and Petite-Martinique.  There are 2 Artist’s Prints available for sale.

For more information or to purchase a print, please contact Frederika Adam for details.